Wheelbarrows – Everything You Need to Know!

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What is a wheelbarrow anyway? It sounds like a crazy question, but it is something that needs to be answered in our minds, if we plan to move forward with today’s lesson. A wheelbarrow is a small hand propelled “vehicle” with usually one wheel and is guided by one person by two handles. Some people call it the wheelbarrel, or wheel barrel, (some even call it a wheel burrow or wheelburrow) but this is not the right terminology.

Wheelbarrow For Sale

The function of a wheelbarrow is to distribute the load of the weight of what is being carried from the operator to the top of the wheel. In physics, this is what they call a second class lever. It helps reduce the amount of work that is needed to move heavy objects. Therefore, it makes sense that the wheelbarrow is used a lot in gardening and construction applications.

This might seem sorta strange doing a video about wheelbarrows, but Mike McGroarty knows his stuff about using the wheelbarrow effectively. It is really important because if you are going to do any work at all in the backyard with your new plant propagation business, you will need to know how to move soil and other items around without injuring your back.

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The first tip is to actually start out with a good wheel barrow. A good wheelbarrow is actually easy to spot if you know what to look for. You want a heavy duty constructed wheelbarrow that has the wheel straight down directly under the front end of the load. Some wheel barrows have a wheel that is too far ahead of the tub and this can put a strain on your back when lifting.  So you want the wheel to be underneath the tub of the wheelbarrow. You want the weight to be on the wheel instead of your hands.

Don’t be afraid to pay extra for a good solidly built wheelbarrow. It is an investment that will pay for itself over the course of a lifetime, especially if you start a backyard plant propagation business!

One of the things you need to do with a metal wheelbarrow is to put it up with a lean on the wall if it has to stay outside. Then you don’t have to worry about it rusting through.

Mike has taught dozens and dozens of people the fine art of wheelbarrowing, and one of the things is to make sure you know the best way to load things to protect your back. A lot of people will try and fill the tub from front to back evenly, but it is actually best to move the soil to the front of the wheelbarrow as you load it. This way the center of gravity is directly over the wheel and not over the handles. The void in the back of the tub will make it much easier to maneuver and handle also.

I hope that you find this information useful, because it really makes a difference when you are pushing a wheelbarrow all day long.

You can find wheelbarrows at your local hardware store, Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, or even WalMart or KMart sometimes carries them. IF you are looking online, Amazon has a good many wheelbarrows for sale such as this one below…

Wheelbarrow For Sale

I like this Union Tools 6 cubic foot all steel wheelbarrow, because the tub is located directly over the wheel. I also like the fact that the wheelbarrow parts on this nice garden tool are all heavy duty! It is definitely a heavy duty metal steel wheelbarrow that is ready to roll. It really has heavy-duty all steel under carriage. I also like the nice wooden handles and pneumatic wheelbarrow wheel. Take care of it and it should last for a lifetime! I like this a little more than the Jackson wheelbarrow, but to each his own!

Thanks a lot! …and Happy Wheelbarrowing!

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