What is organic gardening?

Organic gardening is the practice of growing herbs, vegetables, berries and other plants without the use of man-made pesticides or fertilizers. The central focus is to work in harmony with nature to produce food and flowers without negatively impacting the environment or our health.

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Organic farmers often to replenish the resources that the garden depletes by saving any organic materials produced. The effect is a recycling of nature’s bounty.

When the main features of an organic garden is the fact that there is no man-made pesticides or fertilizers used to help grow plants. The idea behind this is that the environment is healthier without these chemicals harming other living organisms (including ourselves).

It is not hard to have an attractive organic garden that produces a boat load of fruits, flowers, berries, and vegetables. It just requires a little planning, and the right methods.

What you what you would do this based on observation. For instance, to find out if bugs are attacking your plants, you need to pay attention to the plant itself. Observe under the leaves, looking the flowers, observed the stems… Find out what bugs are actually eating on your plants. What you observed the pests, you can educate yourself on what the best organic methods of control are for that particular insect, virus, or fungus.

The methods of pest control can include things as simple as spraying soapy water on your plants. Sometimes it requires cayenne pepper. Other times you will find that you may need even something as exotic as beer. Did you know that beer will kill snails? It’s true!

So plants are naturally insect repellers. Marigolds are a good example of insect repellent plants. If you will plant marigolds near your tomatoes, it will help keep the insect population down. This is because they emit chemicals that repel insects.

Organic gardeners have several insects that are considered good friends because they are so beneficial. Two of the most famous insects that organic gardeners love include the praying mantis and the ladybug. They like to eat bad insects like aphids.

Soil is the foundation of most gardening, unless you are thinking about hydroponics which requires no soil, only water.  Organic gardening requires that the soul has plenty of broken down organic matter. The soil is rich in nutrients.

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