Plant Propagation – The Perfect Home Based Business Opportunity

propagate azaleas for money
Propagate azaleas & other plants for money!

Plant Propagation – The Perfect Home Based Business Opportunity?

You’ve probably heard it all when it comes to ideas for a home based business. Everyone wants to work from home, work online, or find a way to become an instant millionaire through some complicated MLM scheme. It’s enough to give you a headache and send you back to the hustle of finding a job in the “real world,” isn’t it?

Well, you will be relieved to hear that there are some very simple yet rewarding opportunities for home based businesses. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to sell out your closes friends and family members to make these ideas work, and you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising and website development toe get started.

One of those simple yet very effective opportunities involves propagating plants right from your own home. Propagating sounds like a complicated, professional term, but it really just means you know how to root seeds or cuttings to create a wide variety of plants for resell.


Anyone can do this! If you don’t know how right now, the right resource could teach you in just one afternoon.

Many people who are into plant propagation do it as a family venture. They get their children involved so they can learn how to make things grow and teach them valuable life lessons about work and money.

Others do it as a solo venture to bring in some extra cash for casual spending. The great thing about it is you can earn as much or as little as you want, depending on the time you spend selling and the number of plants you propagate.

Getting Started With A Plant Propagation Business

To get started growing plants for resell, all you need are seeds or some good cuttings from existing plants and a small plot of land. There is some knowledge required for taking your cuttings and getting seeds started, but this information is very basic and can be learned online as well as through some very convenient propagation guides.

It is quite surprising how little land you need to start this type of home based business. Just a small corner of your yard or perhaps some good sized pots could get you started selling plants for profit right from your home.

Or, you could opt to take your home based business online and sell to a much larger market. The only catch here is you will need to set up auctions or a website for your products and then spend some time advertising. You will also need to ship out your plants after they are sold.

While the expenses are higher for operating an internet-based propagation business, the profits can be much higher as well if your plants are in demand.

The trick to ensuring your plants will be purchased by others is to stick with basic flowers, trees, and bushes that you know are widely used by homeowners and landscapers. Look around your residential area and see what others are growing in their yards. Look through local nurseries and make sure you beat their prices.

Making Money With Your Green Thumb!

In order to make this type of home based business work all you have to do is put your heart and soul into producing the healthiest, disease and pest free plants you can create. Offer them at a great price and you will have them flying out of your hands almost like magic.

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