Plant Production Secrets Exposed

Michael J. McGroarty

Michael J. McGroarty's EBook Explains Plant Propagation!

Learn more about the secrets of home plant production that plant nursery owners don’t want you to know!   Plant production expert, Michael J. McGroarty takes you through the steps needed to turn your backyard into a money making enterprise!

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You may not be needing to know what the big time producers need to know in things like big scale industrial crop production, so Michael McGroarty has broken this easy to follow course for you to be successful on a smaller scale, at home in your backyard!

He will show you the best & fastest plant breeding & propagation techniques. He doesn’t deal as much with seeds as he does cuttings, but he does cover how to sprout lots of dogwood trees from seed. It is very possible to make a lot of money if follow his instructions on producing trees, bushes, vines, creeping ground covers, & other desirable plants from plant propagation.

If you are wanting to be a plant producer, this ebook is the course for you.  I love the fact that he gives a lot of information out for free on his website and newsletter. 

Hands down, it is best book I have seen on plant progation & plant marketing. Thats right, he even shows you how to do plant sales from your own driveway!  Not only that, you could go into online plant sales and reach an even wider audience by going nationwide or even international!

His step by step process of plant propagation of landscape plants like woody ornamentals, tender perennials, trees, & much more is a wealth of knowledge in nursery production using natural resources. 

He takes you through the necessary nursery plant equipment that is needed for things like mist propagation and cold frames.   

The knowledge that he puts in your hands can actually be adapted to many other plants that you want to propagate such as native wildflowers or common landscape plants.  The possibilities are endless! 

Have you ever wondered about how to root certain plants, seed propagation, or to perform budding propagation?  Yes, he will even demonstrate seed propagation techniques  on top of how to work with the hardwood & softwood cuttings

Plant Production

If you have a plant that is not covered in his book, I am sure he will field questions.  I have had communications with him via email myself.  He is a very likable person.

You don’t need a degree in agriculture! You don’t need to genetically engineer anything!  Get down-to-earth firsthand knowledge on propagating plants from an expert nurseryman, Michael J. McGroarty.  His FREE PLANTS ebook course is what you need!

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